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The CU 4 Reality Financial Education Program helps students learn a tremendous lesson in life – spend wisely. This program teaches students how to manage money and to save early.  

CU 4 Reality is a program where we partner with local schools to educate junior high and high school students about personal finance and savings. With the goal of staying within a monthly budget, students work with credit union representatives and volunteers from local businesses to match their career aspirations with their lifestyle expectations.

Students choose a profession they wish to be when they grow up.  Depending upon the school’s wishes, the students either research entry level salary for that profession or the credit union supplies that information and research for them. 

The students work throughout the school year on their professions and budgeting, and in the spring they participate in the CU 4 Reality Financial Literacy Fair hosted by NHFCU. They learn hands on life lessons and for so many, the outcome is how successful, or challenged they may be if they begin saving today.  They also learn how much effort it takes for their families to support them and leave with a valuable perspective on how beginning their future to financial wellness. 

Contact us at (603) 224-7731 ext. 330 for more information. 

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