Build or Repair Credit

Credit Builder  

Get on the right track to meeting your financial goals whether you are just starting to build credit or if you have stumbled in the past.  Our programs for first-time borrowers and credit building/rebuilding give you the opportunity to improve your credit history and score, without costing you exorbitant amounts in rates or fees.       

Savings-secured Loans 

Have you managed to put money away for a rainy day? When the “rain” begins to fall, you can borrow against your own savings – and pay very little in finance charges.  You’ll leave your rainy-day fund intact and boost your credit score to boot.   

Debt-Free Is Possible  

Saving money is a safe bet with NHFCU. But, when you have debt, it can be frustrating and more challenging to save, even when you have good intentions. What if you could get some help paying down your debt so you can start saving? Let us help you. We’ll take those credit and store charge card balances – or any other “unsecured” loan balances and get you on the path to saving. 

Want to develop a personal plan? Work with the Centers for Finance & Education at no cost to develop your roadmap for a debt-free lifestyle: (603)224-7731, ext. 330. 

Contact us today at (603) 224-7731.

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