NHFCU employees dress down for charity to raise $1,000 for Ukraine relief effort

As a business, we most often avoid political topics, as we see ourselves as here to serve the financial needs of a diverse community of members, all with different backgrounds, opinions, and beliefs. However, we are making an exception below, as we recently took some time to support one of our own employees, Liliya Kroll. We felt that what she shared with us was important enough to share with our members – as we are all part of our NHFCU community.

Many of us watch the news daily from afar, praying for others as we count our blessings here in the USA. But, the war in Ukraine is much closer to home than we realize. Liliya Kroll is an NHFCU lender, originally from Ukraine. Liliya’s sister and her sister’s children along with many other relatives, are still in Ukraine, currently safe but, continuously on guard. Liliya speaks to her sister daily, yet finds each new day brings new fears and worries.

Liliya Kroll, NHFCU Lending Representative

Liliya and her family are from central Ukraine, the Poltava region (pop. 1.3 million). Liliya tells us her family members in this region are “safe” right now. She also has relatives from her mother’s family in southern Ukraine, the Odessa region. She is uncertain about how they are faring.

Liliya was born and raised in Kremenchuk – spending her formative years there.  The years when Ukraine broke away from the USSR bring difficult memories to mind for Liliya. What concerns her most with this war is the potential loss of the freedoms her people have acquired, like the freedom of speech and the ability to freely express opinions. She was there when her people could not do this. She has an uncle who “disappeared” at night during those dark times. This is something very few of us can relate to and, in this writer’s opinion, perhaps something too many of us take for granted.

Liliya has great love for Ukraine, describing a landscape filled with lakes, mountains, beautiful scenery, and most importantly – friendly, conversational people who are neighborly. Her descriptions brought Norman Rockwell images to mind, as she talked of communities where neighbors looked out and provided for one another, sharing resources and more. Liliya expressed fondness and appreciation for the people of Ukraine, providing vivid details of their cooperative nature. Perhaps some of this helps explain the united passion we see from those fighting the battles so far from our own homes in the USA.

Liliya is grateful for the support she receives from NHFCU members and her co-workers as the war continues. One thing we know for certain: access to financial resources is vital for anyone to succeed in life, let alone in a war for your country’s independence. Credit unions have been playing an important role in the independence of the Ukraine and its people for decades now.  In our efforts to support Liliya, as well as the people of Ukraine, NHFCU employees recently “dressed down” for charity, collecting $1,000 to be donated to a fund to aid those in Ukraine.

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