Invite CU 4 Reality to Your Child’s School

CU 4 Reality fairs are financial literacy fairs for Middle School or High School age students. The participants experience a hands-on event that propels them through the personal financial management process which includes career selection, budgeting for housing, transportation, luxuries, etc. In person classes are scheduled before the event to educate students on the concepts of budgeting, saving money, and basics of credit.

Each student is given a sheet detailing their first name, career choice and monthly income as well as a calculator. Taxes are taken out and student loans payments are added in for those occupations that require secondary education. Participants visit each booth to create a monthly spending plan. At the booths participants must choose an apartment and pay “rent,” purchase a vehicle, purchase insurance, decide how often they want to cook food at home vs. eating out, budgeting for a pet and everything in between. Students visit the “Wheel of Reality,” where they manage an unexpected expense or windfall. Lastly, they meet with Credit Counselors who help the students add up their sheet, discuss their choices and make adjustments if necessary.


By the end of the day, participants will have learned what it takes to make ends meet from month-to-month and will have a deeper appreciation of the importance of budgeting, financial planning, and making wise purchasing choices.


If you are interested in bringing a CU 4 Reality fair to your school for the 2024-2025 school year or would like to volunteer at any upcoming event, please contact NH Federal Credit Union’s Centers for Finance & Education at (603) 221-7731 x330 or

CU 4 Reality students volunteers

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