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"They were up to their ears in debt."
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"They were up to their ears in debt."

Kim Malette, NHFCU Financial Wellness Coach, shares a couple’s story and why she keeps doing what she does.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

“Last spring, I began working with a couple who were struggling with their finances. When I first met this couple, they could not even THINK about discussing their finances together. But, they knew things needed to change. They were up to their ears in debt and unsure of their future. The husband worked hard every week and was losing hope because all his work reflected was an empty bank account – leading him to “hate” working. The couple and their six children were living in an 890 square-foot apartment with one bathroom. They hid purchases from one another because they felt guilty. They could not afford the rent.

However, they began working with me at our Centers for Finance and Education. By December – seven months into their work - they had paid down $7,000 in debts and managed to build some savings. Their Christmas was paid for using cash only. This couple now discusses their finances every week. They no longer hide purchases. With less financial stress, the husband now looks forward to work. This couple is once once again working as a team, but it gets even better. Their children watched their mom and dad struggle. And, they watched them work to break their old financial habits. Today, this family is renting a more suitable home in a beautiful neighborhood where the kids can play. The older children have started working - doing odd jobs in the neighborhood - so they can buy things they want instead of just asking mom and dad for the money. They’re learning today how to be responsible for their finances and their futures.  

This family was also able to manage an impromptu road trip – an unanticipated journey. Thank goodness for their emergency fund. They traveled without relying on credit.

Today, I heard from the wife who told me how thankful she is for what we do. She loves attending the webinars because they provide further motivation. ​Knowing I was able to work with and witness this family’s transformation is invaluable and so rewarding. This is why we are here and why we do what we do.  And, why we love it!”

-Kim Malette, NHFCU Financial Wellness Coach 

Are you ready for change? We're here to help. Contact us today at (603) 224-7731 ext. 330 or email us at centerfe@nhfcu.org.

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