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Identity Theft - Refuse to be a Victim
77th Annual Meeting Wednesday, March 27, 2019
NHFCU Announces Energy Assistance Loans
IMPORTANT: IRA contribution change. Effective January 1, 2019

Money Saving Tips from people like you!

Monday, July 16, 2018

101 Ways to Save Money
Tips from class attendees

  • Start a savings account with NH Federal Credit Union.
  • Have money taken out of my checking account automatically to go to a savings account at another financial institution.
  • Pay off lowest balance credit card debt first and then make your way up to your final one.
  • Put impulse purchases in trunk for 3 days. If you do not use it you do not need it.
  • Jar System of Spending. Cash only.
  • Do without cable TV. If you save $100/month that is $353,000 after 40 years @ 8%.
  • Buy bread at Loudon Road’s Freihofer’s when it’s $1 per loaf. You can freeze the bread…and save gas money too!
  • Instead of buying an individual serving of ice cream at Arnie’s or Richardson’s in Boscawen, buy the $10 container. It is a better deal and saves money on gas getting there.
  • Plan a day of errands in the same day to save time and gas money… in the long run, this saves on car repairs/use, too.
  • Buy in bulk and make your own. Dry goods.
  • Use Free services like the Local Library and use Inter Library Loan system to get access to almost any book and other media.
  • If you use credit cards, know your rewards well.
  • Gardening: free tomatoes, spinach, herbs, zucchini.
  • Familiarize yourself with area thrift and consignment shops so that when a need arises, you know where to go. Don’t go to “browse”. Go to “study”.
  • GAMIFICATION. How you can make a game out of reaching your goals. How do you MAKE IT FUN?
  • Love gossip magazines? Visit Barnes & Noble and read them for free. Never pay for trashy, disposable Kardashian news again!
  • $ Store Hacks (check out the online video)
  • You can access “comcast” online and use the app to watch tv if your e-mail is associated with someone who uses comcast as a paying customer.  
  • Evaluate coupons. They are not always a good deal.
  • Teachers get to deduct 250 dollars from their taxes for out of pocket purchases of classroom supplies.  This is an above the line deduction -- they get it even if they don't itemize.
  • If the Girl Scouts want you to buy cookies for five dollars and you want to support them, but you don’t want the cookies, ask how much profit they get for each box.  Then donate that amount, maybe two dollars.  The Girl Scouts get the profit, you get the tax deduction, and you don’t have to eat the cookies. And you save three bucks. 

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