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Certificates & Savings

You'll find lower minimum balance requirements and some of the best rates in NH from your local Credit Union.  Check out the Annual Percentage Yields listed below. 

IRA and Certificate Rates

Rates effective February 22, 2017
  Account Type  APY  Dividend Rate  Minimum Balance
3 months.25%.25%$500.00  
6 months.30%.30%$500.00  
12 months.55%.55%$500.00  
18 months.65%.65%$500.00  
24 months1.00%.99%$500.00  
30 months1.20%1.19%$500.00Calculator 
36 months1.35%1.34%$500.00Calculator 
42 months1.45%1.43%$500.00Calculator 
48 months1.80%1.78%$500.00Calculator 
60 months2.00%1.98%$500.00Calculator 
IRA Variable.20%.20%$1.00  
*Members under age 18 may open certificates for 12 months or more with just $250.00.  Otherwise, the minimum to open and earn the stated dividends is $500.00. A substantial penalty is imposed for withdrawal of principal in certificates prior to maturity.  Fees could reduce earnings. Regular deposits insured to at least $250,000; by the NCUA, an agency of the Federal Government.
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Share Rates

Rates effective February 1, 2017
  Account Type  APY  Dividend Rate  Minimum Balance
Shares.05%.05%$25 to open/earn dividends  
Clubs.05%.05%$.01 or more  
*Rates could change after the account is open. Dividends are based on earnings and cannot be guaranteed.  Fees may reduce earnings.  Regular deposits insured to $250,000; by the NCUA, an agency of the Federal Government. 
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