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NHFCU named healthiest credit union in nation

NHFCU named healthiest credit union in nation

Friday, July 8, 2016

Depositaccounts.com, a consumer-oriented website that tracks more than 8,000 banks and credit unions has ranked New Hampshire Federal Credit Union (NHFCU) the healthiest credit union in the nation.   

According to depositaccounts.com, “Each year DepositAccounts.com evaluates the financial health of every federally insured credit union in the United States – more than 6,000 total. Each institution is graded on a number of factors, including capitalization, deposit growth, and loan to reserve ratios, in order to determine a comprehensive health score.”
NHFCU learned they were on the list of the top 200 healthiest credit unions, but, were pleasantly surprised to see their ranking as the top healthiest credit union in the nation,
“While we know we operate soundly and maintain a strong financial position, we were unaware of just how distinctive our position is in the overall landscape,” says Polly Saltmarsh, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for the $250 million credit union, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this November.  Adds Saltmarsh,
“We use sound principles to manage our organization and pay close attention to the details, things that really make a difference with the historically low-interest-rate environment we have been working in since the Great Recession.” 
NHFCU serves only consumers – there are no commercial or business services and the credit union’s approach is akin to old-school community banking.  Saltmarsh continues,
“We are here to make a positive difference in our members’ personal financial lives so we use a holistic approach to putting people’s finances back together.” 
The Credit Union focuses on educating people about how to manage their money and their credit, and how to get back in shape to get ahead in the long run.  Saltmarsh says people are still feeling the repercussions of the Great Recession and their programs are having a positive impact.    According to her, the credit union saved people more than $850,000 in the last three months. 
Saltmarsh adds,
“It’s simple, really.  When we help our members do well, it reflects on us – like by being the healthiest credit union in the nation.”

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